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Prophetic Word October 2020


Prophetic Word for October 2020

Wisdom to discern which spirit we are agreeing with…

October is the month to receive Extraordinary Wisdom and Perfect Understanding together with the spirit of Wise Strategy! Again last night (October 1), I had an awesome dream! I could see Discernment and Understanding awakening in everyone!

Isaiah 11:2 TPT

the Spirit of Yahweh will rest upon Him,

the Spirit of Extraordinary Wisdom, 

the Spirit of Perfect Understanding,

the Spirit of Wise Strategy,

the Spirit of Mighty Power,

the Spirit of Revelation, 

and the Spirit of the Fear of Yahweh. 

My Dream

In the first part of my dream one of my friends was about to get married. I showed my husband a photograph where my friend was with this man and two of his friends, and he told me that these men were part of the gay community. The hidden identity of this man was being revealed to me, to warn my friend not to marry him! 

My friend, who is a Latina woman, was about to make a life-long covenant decision with the wrong person. This man in the dream wanted to marry her to get his green card. I could clearly see the motivations of this man and the people who were around her. He didn't want to marry her because he loved her, just to accomplish his personal agenda.

I believe this is an invitation to seek God and ask for WISDOM, REVELATION AND STRATEGY.


This is an invitation for all the people who are about to make decisions that will affect their generations, especially LATINOS. The Lord is inviting us to seek HIS direction. God wants to reveal the secrets and strategies of the enemy. The month of October is an INVITATION FROM HEAVEN to receive clear instructions on the decisions that will mark our future and that of our families.


Who are you listening to? Who has your agreement?



In another part of my dream, I saw people who were close to me, mostly friends and people I trusted, who were pressuring me to lie and misrepresent myself in government to accomplish their purpose.


Revelation hit me

Suddenly in the dream it was revealed to me, that they were trying to manipulate me for their financial gain, asking me to work for free and give false information for this powerful man in the gay community they were supporting. I saw they had created fake promotional videos to sell scams.


I believe that God is going to OPEN THE EYES of HIS CHILDREN and is going to reveal the strategies, deceptions and lies of the enemy using people who call themselves our friends and want to use our abilities and talents and cause us to forget our core values.

With the prophetic team of The Originals, we want to declare over each person who reads this message that their eyes be open to all Truth, that their ears can hear the deepest secrets and traps of the enemy and that by the Holy Spirit, wise strategies be revealed to them to make the right decisions in this very important moment in which we are living.


Finally I want to point out to you that my friend was Latina and she was the one who was being used for the benefit of others. Latinos in the United States of America have a great responsibility before God and to our children and our families concerning important decisions that will affect all of them! Please seek Jesus and may He guide you into all truth as you elect the future President of the United States.


Proverbs 18:21 

The power of life and death is in the tongue.


Ephesians 6:12

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


Karina Dike

Prophetic Team

The Originals Designs


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