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From Dream to Reality

The idea for The Originals came when Karina was graduating from first year at Bethel. Some of her best friends started writing words and phrases on her shoes. They wrote words that described her, her goals and dreams.  Words that really represented who she is and who she wanted to be! She later had a beautiful dream about a book filled with ideas. As she read the words she could hear a voice speaking them aloud. The book was titled “The Originals”.
Years later, she sat down with one of her best friends, Daniella, and started dreaming about making the idea a reality.
We wanted to create a way for everyone to have something meaningful like those graduation shoes, to remind them of who they are and what they want.
The purpose of the Originals is to create something personal, something unique, something visual to stay connected to what is most important to you. We all have moments in life when it’s hard to stay focused or motivated. It’s great to have something positive to remind you of your goals, your dreams, your values, your promises, your best self.
So be your best self. You’re an Original and you can’t be replaced!